Feasibility Study Request



  • It is a formal milestone for New Path Request and Ad Hoc Path Request processes
    • Automatically goes into Feasibility Study Elaboration
    • Before Mid-January the dossier is switched directly into the Feasibility Study Elaboration Conference state.
  • Normal phase for Late Path Request process
    • Dossier content is visible for all entered agencies


Possible transitions diagram from feasibility study reques in late Path Request Process

Transitions list

Only for Late Path Request. Automatic transition to Feasibility Study Elaboration in New and Ad Hoc Path Requests

  • Feasibility Study Request -> Feasibility Study Elaboration
    • Who: Leading IM
    • Restrictions: None
  • Feasibility Study Request -> Harmonization
    • Who:
      • Leading Applicant
        • Restrictions: None
      • Leading IM
        • Restrictions: None


Since this is a milestone in New Path Request and Ad Hoc Path Request processes, the permissions, in a practical sense for the user, only apply to Late Path Request process.

  • Leading Applicant
    • Read-only
  • Applicants
    • Read-only
  • Leading IM
    • Read and write access to its own section
  • IMs
    • Read and write access to their own sections


  • IM can replace IM Timetables with Applicant Timetables
  • In Late Path Request, due to the short period of time to react, the Leading IM and the Leading Applicant have the possibility to withdraw the request back to harmonization.