Feasibility Study Elaboration



  • In this phase, the IMs prepares the timetable for path study result or for Conference with the Applicants.
  • The Leading IM can copy the Applicant TT (See details below)
  • After review, the Leading IM may consider going into Conference with the Applicants or send the Feasibility Study Result to the Applicants.


Possible transitions diagram from Feasibility Study Elaboration in the Feasibility Study Process

Transition list

  • Feasibility Study Elaboration -> Harmonization
    • Who: Leading Applicant
    • Restrictions: None
  • Feasibility Study Elaboration -> Feasibility Study Result
    • Who: Leading IM
    • Restrictions: None
  • Feasibility Study Elaboration -> Feasibility Elaboration Conference
    • Who: Leading IM
    • Restrictions: None


  • Leading Applicant
    • Withdraw dossier
    • Read-only access
  • Applicants
    • Read-only access
  • Leading IM
    •  Write access
  • IMs
    • Write access
  • C-OSS
    • Read-only access


  • Each involved IM should prepare the corresponding section of the requested timetable. The elaborated path section should be in line with the neighboring one.
  • All common mandatory fields and IM-specific fields related to the particular operation points or the whole dossier must be filled.

How to replace the IM Timetable with the Applicant Timetable (Leading IM)

  1. Open the IM timetable.
  2. Click on "Replace IM Timetables with Applicant Timetables" at the top.