Feasibility Elaboration Conference Phase



The Feasibility Elaboration Conference phase is designed to allow Applicants and IMs to analyze and work in their respective timetables before sending the dossier back to the Feasibility Study Elaboration.


Possible transitions diagram from Feasibility Study Elaboration Conference in the Feasibility Study Process

Transition list

  • Feasibility Elaboration Conference -> Feasibility Study Elaboration
    • Who: Leading IM
      • Restrictions: None
  • Feasibility Elaboration Conference -> Harmonization
    • Who: PCS system (Automatic promotion)
      • Restrictions: None


    • Leading Applicant
      • Write access
    • Applicants
      • Write access
    • Leading IM
      •  Write access
    • IMs
      • Write access
    • C-OSS
      • Read-only access


    • If the leading IM wants to replace its TT with the Applicant one, he must return to the Feasibility Study Elaboration.
    • The automatic transition by PCS back to Harmonization occurs if the dossier has not been visited in 8 days or has not changed in the last 15 days.