Edit agencies


Edit agency is one the most important feature in PCS, the user can add/remove an agency's access from the dossier. Generally, the edit agency feature is available for the leading agencies (Applicant, IM, RFC) and they can change the agency settings. This guide will show how to work with the "Edit agencies" function. For further information about the meaning and definition of the different kinds of agencies please check the linked documents.

Edit agencies for Applicants

The user can find this information in the basic data dossier segment:

There it will be possible for the leading Applicant to change the responsible Applicants in Open and Harmonization phases. The leading Applicant is always greyed out because it is impossible to "kick" the creator agency out from the dossier. Please note that once an Applicant is changed here in Basic Data, the Territory is updated accordingly, meaning all the sub-paths of this Territory will belong to the selected Applicant.

Also, possible to change the leading roles by clicking on the start icon. If the dossier contains dossier-level parameters it can be completed here as well.

What else can be done with edit agencies?

  • Change of the leading Applicant/IM
  • Add/Remove Applicant agencies
  • Change production-related acceptance indicator
  • Add/remove production-only Applicants
  • Add/remove service agencies
  • Add/remove production agencies

After the changes are done, e.g. a new service agency was added to the dossier, the new agency will find the dossier on his Dashboard when the dossier reaches Harmonization.