Dossier types


The Dossier type classifies a dossier. The following Dossier types are implemented in PCS:

  • Default: This dossier type is the default settings in the system when creating a new dossier. You can change this default setting if you need a different type.
  • Change: A change means that the dossier is changed compared to the previous year’s timetable.
  • Fault: The dossier with this type will not be promoted to the next phases! Applicants/IMs can use this type to prove that the dossier has an incorrect entry (wrong input) that cannot be used for further processing.
  • Status quo: The “status quo” dossier refers to the dossier of the previous timetabling period, which is requested again in the same format.
  • Change to the current timetable: This Dossier type is for changes/modifications to existing paths in the current timetable year.
  • Partial harmonization: this dossier type cannot be selected when creating a dossier, however, if an IM decides to switch the process type into partial harmonization then the dossier type changes automatically to partial harmonization.