Dossier management


According to the role of the user allows system PCS different steps, how to manipulate with the dossier. It depends on the dossier purpose. The process type of dossier is a basic factor which determines the various access and management possibilities.

Dossier management actions are done in a control menu in particular dossier, or they could be done with the function for bulk changes. There is a special environment dedicated to the Corridor OSS (C-OSS) role, where are their management done.

Most of actions directly depend on the status of agreement with the dossier. That means on the state of acceptance indicators (lights) in the dossier.


There is also very important the timeline. The rules set up in PCS are based on the international timetabling process. Most of dossier management possibilities are regulated on yearly basis to the timetable period. Some actions are allowed in specific period of time or are allowed until/after particular defined date during the timetable year. PCS supports some automatic management actions under the certain conditions according to the specific defined timelines. For further details please check the specific timetable year chapter in the Calendar of process.