Corridor OSS


Corridor One-Stop Shop (C-OSS) is a joint body designated or set up by the Rail Freight Corridor (RFC) organizations for Applicants to request and to receive answers, in a single place and in a single operation, regarding infrastructure capacity for freight trains crossing at least one border along the Freight Corridor.

It is the task of the C-OSSs of the RFCs to publish Pre-arranged paths (PaPs) and to manage path requests and paths offers for PaPs.

How to prepare PaPs (import and manage PaPs) is described in chapter PaP Management.

C-OSS has a specially dedicated dashboard in PCS. For managing, requests and path offer for PaPs are several actions at disposal. C-OSS always acts as a leading IM agency until Active timetable phase. C-OSS participates on the path request process if there is PaP in path request.

Every time an Applicant forwards a path request including a PaP (at least one section of a PaP), the dossier is automatically sent to the C-OSS of the RFC which is responsible and has published this PaP.

Received PaP requests are listed in the C-OSS dashboard, which serves for incoming requests and for monitoring the status of PaP requests during the timetabling process. It is possible to filter and search for dossiers in a specific status. Each incoming dossier with PaP has a specific status according to the state of PaP. By default, it is Requested status. A dossier is automatically switched from Requested to Conflict if any other dossier is received which including at least one of the same PaP (sections) and at least one of the same operation days. The dossier received first is also switched to Conflict.

There are further possible PaPs statuses based on C-OSS actions:

-        Reserved: PaP reserved for a dossier.

-        Waiting for alternative: Conflicting dossiers are automatically switched to Waiting for alternative, indicating a reservation for the requested PaP is not possible and further C-OSS activities are required.

-        Reserved alternative: Alternative PaP is reserved for a dossier.

-        Alternative offered: Reserved alternative PaP already sent to the applicant for approval/rejection.

-        Alternative accepted: Status of the offered alternative PaP when the offer was accepted by the applicant.

-        Alternative rejected: Status of the offered alternative PaP when the offer was rejected by the applicant.

-        Tailor made: No suitable alternative PaP found. C-OSS requested tailor-made solution by IMS.


For the C-OSS are allowed the following actions:

-        Reserve: By doing so, PaP is reserved for the dossier. The acceptance indicator of the C-OSS will automatically change to green.

-        Reserve selected: By doing so, the selected PaP section is reserved to the dossier.

-        Reserve all non-conflicting requests: By doing so, all non-conflicting requested PaPs are reserved to the dossiers. The acceptance indicators of the C-OSS will automatically change to green.

-        Undo reservation: This function may be used if a wrong PaP section has been selected and reserved. Removing the reservation for all PaP sections will bring back the dossier to the status before reservation.

-        Reserve alternative: By doing so, found and selected alternative PaP is reserved to the dossier.

-        Send alternative offer: C-OSS is asking the applicant for acceptance of the offered alternative PaP. An automatic message is generated by the system, informing the applicant about the alternative offer.

-        Request Tailor-Made: C-OSS initiates the request for a tailor-made solution, covering the complete train run including the part of the RFC for which the PaP has been requested. This will be necessary if the RU/applicant does not accept an alternative PaP offer or there are not enough PaPs available to provide acceptable alternative offers to all applicants. Automatic message for IMs is generated by the system.

-        Send F/O request to IMs: If the requested dossier includes feeder and/or outflow path, the dossier must be forwarded by this action to the IMs for providing these feeder/outflow paths. This could happen after the PaP reservation. Automatic message for IMs is generated by the system.

-        Submit draft timetable: This function is at disposal in Path elaboration phase, when there is reserved PaP or alternative PaP including finished feeder/outflow paths by IMs (if any) or finished tailor-made solution. All acceptance indicators have to be set to green. The dossier is submitted to the Applicants as a draft timetable.

-        Submit final offer: At disposal in the Post-processing phase. When an agreement has been reached among the C-OSS and IMs and there is harmonized international path offer, the dossier is sent to the Applicants as a final offer.