Control is essential part of dossier management. Control is used for setting acceptance indicators and handling the agreement process in PCS.  The first part of the window shows the current status of dossier, access rights, possible processing functions and the preceding and following phases. The access rights of the company that is logged in are highlighted. Further are shown the participating companies. The leading companies are identified by the stars. Each participating company can set or withdraw its agreement by means of the acceptance indicators. The following indicators (lights) are implemented:

Green - Accepted – means content approved

Yellow - Being processed – means content currently being processed

Red - Not accepted – means content rejected

Blue - No knowledge of the current content – means that this company has not processed dossier yet

Grey = not a PCS user


In a new dossier, all the lights are set to blue. During the agreement process, each company sets its lights according to the own needs regarding to the particular phase of particular process. For further details about meanings the lights in particular phase, please check the particular phase in the chapter Phases. 

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