Especially in passenger business, Applicants can define the connecting trains in a dossier. They should enter there the following information:

  • Operation point: Applicant can select an operation point from the Applicant timetable, where the connection is requested
  • Connection type: Applicant can choose one of three possible types of connection: "correspondence with", "connection from" or "connection to".
  • Connecting train int. train no.: This field is for entering the international train number of connecting train
  • Connecting train dossier id: PCS tries to resolve the connecting dossier id based on the international train number. If the system doesn't find a matching train number, it will write that "Dossier not in PCS"
  • Associated train ID: user can add associated train ID with its composite TAF/TAP TSI identifier

As an answer to the request, IMs can indicate, whether the requested connections can be guaranteed.

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