Composite relations


Composite relation serves for linking two or more dossiers belonging to the same business case. It extends the currently available function for linking in PCS and provides facilities for the user to describe the relationship between the dossiers in a better way as well as to search for the dossiers that are related to each other.

The utilization of the idea of “composite dossier” is editing of the trains and paths with regular frequency, e.g. trains running every hour, which have completed the same train parameters, route and operation days calendar. This composite relations function allows Applicant user to be able to edit only the first train in the dossier (set the Applicant timetable) and with a few “clicks” let the system produce new dossiers automatically with the same train characteristics, but just with the shifted departure/arrival times on the operation points in the timetable. Such dossiers should be interrelated by utilizing the composite relation.


List of composite relation attributes:

-        Reason: It is a description of composite relation type, e.g. frequency train.

-        Name: The name specified for the composite relation.

-        Comment: Text filed for a more detailed explanation about the creating of composite relation: why, which commercial purpose etc.

-        Reference point of the origin: It is shown the reference point of the origin with its times and calendar.


After choosing the possibility add dossier is necessary to define the following parameters:

-        Dossier name: Mandatory filed where should be entered the name for newly created  dossier in composite relation

-        Shifting: There should be set up, how the new composite dossier should differ (in days, hours and minutes) from the origin.

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