Compare timetables


Applicants and IMs can compare their timetables at any time at the user-variant or sub-path level. Both comparisons work at the same methodology when highlighting calendar and parameter changes.

Open a dossier > Select an Applicant (or IM) timetable > Go to Territory > Click Compare sub-paths button:

Open a dossier  > Select an Applicant (or IM) Timetable > Go to Path Variant tab> click Compare path variants button.

If the dossier contains more subpaths the applicants-IMs have the possibility to compare their timetables at any time. For each sub-path, the system generates a path variant and each path variant represents a timetable combination. 

Both comparing options work exactly the same way and using the same view with the same color-coding explanations. The same rule applies when the system highlights calendar and parameter changes.

The differences (new, differ, deleted values) are highlighted by various colors. Operation name's field border colors indicate the followings:

  • Green: new operation point added 
  • Yellow: differ the arrival or departure times on the specific operation point
  • Red: deleted an operation point

See a simple dossier with 2 Applicant - 2 IM pair created with 2 sub-paths. For presentation, purposes copied all path variants into one picture to highlight the differences. Note: edit mode is no longer available when comparing timetables!

The comparison view indicates:

  • total running days
  • origin-destination 
  • validity period with weekly circulation days  

See how PCS highlights parameter and calendar changes:

Please note that PCS highlights the calendar differences in running days by default if the train parameters, origin-destination, and the weekly circulation days are the same between the sub-paths.