Compare archive timetable to the current



This document shows you how to compare two archived versions of the same timetable.


The "Compare archives"° button is located on the subpath title ribbon next to the "Copy" and "Edit" buttons.

Do the following to access it:

  • Search for a dossier 
  • Open the dossier
  • Select a Timetable you wish to compare. This step is not necessary for users who have already set the default dossier view to a timetable view.
  • Select a territory/subpath to get to the ribbon visible. By default, PCS opens the timetable view with the first territory's first subpath.




Once the timetable is selected press the "Compare archives" button on the subpath title ribbon. 

The comparison window looks like it is shown below screenshot:

In the middle, it shows the selected subpath with title and origin-destination pair, and below it are two added lists.

By default, the left side list always shows the latest version, and on the right latest version -1 rule applies. 

The left side will be the "reference point", i.e. the PCS will detect the changes compared to the list on the right.

Select an archived version. 

Color Coding

The applied changes are highlighted with colors between the versions.

There are three types of indications for the changes:

  • Path section: border-color
  • Parameter values: highlighted background
  • Calendar icon: if there are changes (remove/add) in the calendar running days the calendar icon changes to a legend to emphasize that the changes have been applied. Clicking the calendar icon opens the calendar comparison view. 

Color coding:

  • Yellow: path section border-color/parameter values changed
  • Green: new path section border-color/parameter values added
  • Red: path section border-color/parameter values deleted


Calendar compare

The calendar comparison view looks the same as the territory calendar comparison view and uses the same color-coding rules.


Calendar color-coding rules:

  • Common days: blue
  • Added days: green
  • Removed days: red

How should we understand the presented changes?

  • Red: removed in the right calendar compared to the left
  • Green: added in the right calendar compared to the left
  • Blue: common days

Originally in January, the applicant did not request running days in v.2. In v.11 the requested running days are modified and changed to July instead of January.

View History

Selecting an archive version is possible in the version list or going directly to the history view from the menu.

PCS version history available in the menu:

History view contains the following information:

  • Version number
  • Process
  • Phase
  • Last changed by. If the last "Changed by" name is "Administration pathfinder" then indicates the automatic promotion done by PCS.

Once an archived version is selected PCS indicates in the header and warns you that you are viewing an archived version like this:

To get the contact details you need to click on the "Changed by" link and the email address appears:


Other details

You will have reading rights for the IMs who green-lighted their timetable after the Draft timetable deadline. If you want to compare a subpath that does not exist or you do not have permission to see the archived version, you'll get the following message: