Basic communication is enabled among the participants in the dossier via the comments. Any user, who has editing right on the dossier, can make add a comment to the dossier. A user can set the entries per page number that should be shown. This setting is also valid for the comments. For each comment the following information is shown in the system:

  • Username, who placed the comment
  • Agency where the user belongs to
  • Dossier phase, when the comment was placed
  • Timestamp of the comment

Please note that apart from the basic communication, all process related comments are visible in this dossier segment:

  • Make Observations button is enabled for Applicants in Observations phase in this dossier segment
  • Made observations by Applicants are shown in the comment area
  • Mandatory comments (e.g. due to setting red light or rejection) are shown in the comment area