Carry forward


The Carry forward function gives Applicants the opportunity to copy large numbers of dossiers from one timetable period to another one very quickly and easily. The dossiers are searched for and then, after making appropriate selections, carried forward to the following timetable period.

Any Dossier can be carried forward which has reached the "Path Elaboration" phase at least once. Closed Dossiers can also be carried forward. The access rights for the copied Dossier are the same as for the original, i.e. any team assignments are carried forward too. Comments, connections, links, and attachments are not copied. The calendar is copied but no adjustments are made. So, the operation days have to be checked because of a various duration of particular timetable period and various conditions (e.g. variable public holidays).

If original dossier contains PaP, during carry forward action are copied every contained information, but PaP details are removed. That means that the system removes the PaP identifier and parameter value limits and every field from the original PaP will be editable again.

IM specific parameters are carried forward too. But it can happen that there are some differences between the previous and the next timetable period. If a former IM specific parameter does not exist in the next timetable period, the system will not carry forward the old parameter values. If an IM specific parameter remains the same, meaning the former and the current parameter are identical, PCS will copy the values to the next year. If a new IM specific parameter is introduced by the IM, PCS will ask for the parameter value during the carry forward (in the case of new dossier level parameter) or have to be added later (in the case of new operation point level parameters). Please note that the leading Applicant during the carry forward function or in Open phase must not fill the IM specific parameters fields that belong to other Applicant-IM pairs. The leading Applicant can edit/save the dossier even if the IM specific parameters of the others are not yet fulfilled.