Authentication with PCS IP 6.x


1. Authentication

PCS SOAP web services are using the same authentication scheme as PCS REST API based on JSON Web Token. Protected web service operation requests must include a valid token in an "X-Authorization" HTTP header.

A token is acquired by sending correct credentials via Authenticate operation request. The token starting with Bearer to indicate the authentication scheme that is used is received as part of the response.

Each JWT token expires at 3 AM every day. This must be taken into account by the integrator. An authenticated request must be sent at 3 AM each day at least.

2. Testing with SOAP UI

The latest version of Soap UI tool can be used for manual testing of PCS web services. Create a new SOAP project (File → New soapui project)

URL(s) to be used:

After the project is generated, you can start triggering operations. In order to invoke protected operations, use authenticate operation first (hint: you can use the same credentials as in PCS UI).
The token is sent in "X-Authorization" HTTP header.