Advanced search


The advanced search function in PCS can be called up in the dashboard using the button advanced search. It appears the basic settings for the advanced search, fields dossier id, international train number, timetable period, process type and phase. However, there could be displayed all various data fields as a search criteria by selecting them in from the additional criteria list. The chosen criteria for advance search could be saved as used as a new filter.

The search can be restricted using the data fields shown. The restrictions in the data fields with defined possible values could be done from these values only (e.g. acceptance indicator: yellow, green, red, blue). In all the other data fields, the search can be restricted using freely selectable search items and using wildcard characters.

If more than one search parameter is entered, there is an “AND” connection between the parameters, i.e. only those dossiers will be found which correspond to all the parameters.

By selecting the dossier name, the dossier is opened in detail view.