Add PaPs to an existing dossier in Harmonization


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In this video, we will add a PaP to an existing dossier on Harmonization. Let's log in as DB Cargo Hungary and we will find there a dossier that was shared with us by Metrans. You see there is a typo mistake in the Dossier name and we can still fix it in Harmonization. Now let's go to the RU Timetable in the menu and let's check the timetable. We know there is a PaP or Paps that may fit this Timetable so let's replace this tailor-made points with PaPs. For that we just click on "Add PaP" and we are redirected to the Search PaP screen. Here we can select the Search criteria for the timetable year. We will look for Type of preconstructed product Pre-arranged Paths, Nort-South direction and the Orient/East-Med corridor and click on Search. If we need more results in the table we can increase the number of items to show. In the table, we can see there'are two PaPs between Komárom and Ferencáros and Ferencváros and Soroksár-Terminál that could fit our needs. So, let's select them and add them to the dossier.
In this case, we can see that the operation points order is not correct, so we can drag and drop them to the right place and later on we can remove the unnecessary points that we don't need anymore. So now we can confirm the order and go to the next step where we find the calendar of our train. It is still the same. The PaPs are available on those days where we want to run the train, so we don't have extra work here. Now we can go to the next step Dossier-Level Data. Also, nothing to do here. We can see that RFC 7 has been added to the dossier since he will manage the dossier processing on behalf of the IM. You can click on "Save and Continue" and go to the Train Parameters.
Here we will need to fill in the parameters for the new operation points. In the PaP we can see that some of the parameters are already prefilled like the Loco type, Traction mode or Train length. For the rest of the fields, we can copy the parameters from an already existing operation point. So, let's copy the parameters, the Loco Types and apply them to the new points we have recently added. Click on Apply to selected path sections and Replace. Now, clicking back on one of our operations points we can see that everything has been fulfilled. We just only need to add the Activity Type we need and click on Save. We need to go to the other points and add their activity type as well where needed. Save and continue takes us back to the Dossier Details.
Let's go to the RU Timetable. Here we can see our PaP sections added. We also see we need to remove the two path sections that are not needed anymore, so let's click on "Edit" the timetable and remove them. Click on the Remove button and delete them. In this case, we removed the tailor-made points with the Pre-arranged Path. Now we have finished our harmonization task for our company and now we can go ahead to the Control area and change its process from "Being processed" to "Accepted" and we can give it back to the leading RU.
For further details, please check our other videos.