Access to PCS


Access to PCS must be granted by RailNetEurope.

To request access, please click on the PCS User Request Form link (accessible also on the PCS login web page) or send an email to the RNE Joint Office PCS support mailbox - 

Test Access

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to test PCS before you start to coordinate the international timetable in a live environment. For this purpose, multiple test systems for PCS are available: 

In order to have access requests to the test environment please send an e-mail to the PCS support mailbox (

In order to use this test environment, the endpoints need to be established, so please send an e-mail to if you would like to establish the WS interface or if you would like to establish the CI interface. 

  • There are two more testing environments that use the production data for specific testing. Ask us more via support e-mails.