Access to PCS


Access to PCS granted by  RailNetEurope.

To Raise access requests please click on the PCS User Request Form link on the PCS login web page or send an email to the RNE Joint Office PCS support mailbox.

  • The URL address for the PCS User request form is: 

  • The Internet address for PCS is:

  • The Email address of the RNE Joint Office PCS support mailbox is:

  • The Internet address of the RNE Joint Office is:

Test Access

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to test PCS before you start to coordinate the international timetable in a live environment. For this purpose, the test system for PCS is available:

In order to have access requests to the test environment please send mail to the PCS support mailbox ( 

To access the complete PCS documentation and eLearning from the test platform, please click  "DOCUMENTATIONon the top. 

Links to other servers can be found on our main page: (scroll down on the site till "PCS Systems" label appears and click on each of the URL)