Acceptance of terms and conditions in PCS


According to FCA Chapter IV in Article 15 paragraph 2:

2.    Applicants shall accept the rail freight corridor’s general terms and conditions as laid down in the CID in order to place requests for pre-arranged path and reserve capacity. A copy of these general terms and conditions shall be provided free of charge upon request. The applicant shall confirm that:
    it accepts the conditions relating to the procedures of allocation as described in the CID, 
    it is able to place path requests via [the IT system referred to in Article 8,],
    it is able to provide all data required for the path requests. 


When an Applicant tries to submit a path request for the first time in a new timetable period, the Applicant has to accept the general terms and conditions by the particular RFCs. The terms and conditions text should be the same for all RFCs. However it should contain links to all or only to the particular RFCs' website area, where the Applicant can find the CID.

The links to the CID should be maintained by the RFCs and provided to RNE in every CID publication event in order we can keep the links in the acceptance page valid all the time.

After the acceptance is done by the Applicant there should be some indication of this action:

  • Confirmation to the Applicant
  • Notification to the RFC
  • Any other kind of indication that the Applicant has accepted the terms and conditions

The acceptance would be valid always for the affected RFCs, e.g.:

  • 1st dossier contains RFC1 and RFC2, then acceptance will be valid for these two RFCs for 1 year
  • 2nd dossier contains RFC4, then new acceptance is necessary for RFC4
Applicant (RU or non RU) has an account to PCS and the dossier contains a PaP.
According to RFC CID the General terms and conditions would be accepted by the Applicant.
Post condition
There is no need for signature separately.
Consequences for the system
Updated version of the terms and condition should be stored with links to RFC CIDs.
Applicant creates a new dossier with PaP or Reserved Capacity for the first time in the new timetable period.
PCS Team Comment

It has been there for a long time, however as we saw there was no CR created. That is why we created the CR to be in the workflow. The feature should be ready for the RUs by November/December when they start the preparation of their dossiers for TT2018.

According to the RFC Community meeting 14/15 July, Vienna:

  • The acceptance should be done on agency level
  • Every coordinator team member user is able to do the acceptance
  • Acceptance and control of it is described above in the description

The common text of the acceptance with the references to the particular documents will be provided by the RFC Community.

It is not necessary that the development is ready by November 2016 as the first submission of a path request for TT2018 is expected from March/April in 2017. That is why the planned date was changed to January 2017 (February would be still acceptable).


In case a freight RU selects a PaP into its dossier in order to be able to submit Path Request, every involved RU has to accept the general terms and conditions of the corridor. In case of multi corridor request the RU has to do it as many times as many corridor exists in the dossier. The acceptance is valid for one timetable period. In a new timetable period the the RU should accept the terms again.

Example for acceptance for involved RUs:

  • Request:
    • RU1 - RFC1 on behalf of IM1
    • RU2 - RFC2 on behalf of IM2

RU1 should accept GTC for RFC1 and RU2 should accept GTC for RFC2. In case of overlapping section RU has to accept only the leading C-OSS' GTC.

The RU has to accept the conditions only once per corridor and not by dossier. It should be visible for them in the other dossiers, if the conditions had been already accepted for the particular corridor:

  • Dedicated page in the administration page or
  • Mark next to RFC acceptance indicator in Basic Data and Control segment (recommended)

The acceptance should be possible via the Control page. There will be a link from control that will lead to "Acceptance of terms and conditions" page in Administration. After the acceptance an indicator will be added in the Basic Data in order the RUs are aware of the acceptance of GTC. RFCs will know that RU has accepted their GTC, if the dossier is promoted to Path Request.

GTC will be a common text in English for all corridors. RUs will see in the Administration menu only those RFCs where they have transport. We will prevent changing of acceptance indicator to "green" in case when RU user has not accepted GTC for used corridor. As a result of that every RU will have info message about the missing acceptance of GTC.

Once the GTC is accepted by the RU, he can undo the acceptance and reject the GTC only, if there is not any dossiers with green acceptance indicators.

Until the RU does not accept the dossier, the dossier promotion to Path Request should be blocked. Every coordinator team member of the particular RU can accept it. Details of the acceptance should be stored:

  • Agency id of the RU
  • User id
  • Timestamp of acceptance
  • Corridor id
  • TTP ID

Depending on the necessary resources of the development an e-mail notification could be triggered from PCS to the particular RFC's e-mail address that "On <date> the General terms and conditions of <RFC> for <ttp_id> has been accepted by <RU>".

The exact format and text of the page will be provided by the RFC Community later, however the page will look like similar as the attached the document. It will have the corridor logos and a similar text below, plus the links to the download area of the certain corridors' CIDs.

Update (22.11.2016)

Shouldn't the text be rendered in PCS exactly the same as it is (with links and logos for all corridors)? Should it by clicking “accept”, accept GTC for all used corridors at once? Our proposal is to have a page in Administration where will be listed all corridors which are used by the user and user should be able to accept GTC per corridor. According to that we expected for example in the GTC section for RFC1 to have only his logo and only link to his Book IV (see attachment).

E-mails that should be used for notifications:


Group concerned
CCB Group
TB Group
PCS Team


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RFC Community
CCB Decision
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TB Group Decision
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PCS Team confirmation
User Group Decision
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Confirmed by PCS Team Date
21/03/2016 - 09:45