PCS EC Sprint from 82 until 86

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 13 December, 2021 - 10:51
Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4338] Adjust the DB to support appointments for responsible RUStory
[RNE014-4355] Create migration scripts for renaming RU to ApplicantStory
[RNE014-4354] Rename RU to ApplicantStory
[RNE014-4340] Migrate appointmentsStory
[RNE014-4341] Responsible RU pre-processor new dossiersStory
[RNE014-4343] Adjust dossier teamsStory
[RNE014-4342] Appoint responsible RU manuallyStory
[RNE014-4402] Change appointment date and status change date to date timeStory
[RNE014-4356] Automatic responsible RU appointmentStory
[RNE014-4347] Accept and reject appointmentsStory
[RNE014-4348] Withdraw an appointmentStory
[RNE014-4350] Validate appointmentsStory
[RNE014-4353] Create a presentation model for the appointmentStory
[RNE014-4368] Make an appointment for responsible RU front-endStory
[RNE014-4369] Accept or Reject appointments front-endStory
[RNE014-4370] Withdraw appointment front-endStory
[RNE014-4375] Show responsible RU info in subpath selectionStory
[RNE014-4405] Style responsible RU appointments viewsStory
[RNE014-4374] Show confirmation when removing subpath/territoryStory
[RNE014-4506] Appointments should be visible only in Applicant TT in HarmonizationStory
[RNE014-4463] Do not re-create the appointment when the transfer edit access is changedStory
[RNE014-4519] Resolve dossier territories for appointments in FSStory
[RNE014-4505] Adjust comparison view for the agency of type RUStory
[RNE014-4376] Request PM processStory
[RNE014-4452] Style request PM actionStory
[RNE014-4377] Mark work as doneStory
[RNE014-4462] The validity period start date in PA/PM is marked as invalidStory
[RNE014-4481] Traffic period should not be shown in PA/PM for existing sub-pathsStory
[RNE014-4464] Use process eligible sub-paths when working with appointmentsStory
[RNE014-4500] Responsible RU can edit sub-path in PM conferenceStory
[RNE014-4344] Responsible RU ACL and ACL for appointing RUStory
[RNE014-4378] ACL for responsible RU in PMStory
[RNE014-4461] ACL for appointment buttons in PA/PM and FSStory
[RNE014-4520] ACL of the territories for different timetablesStory
[RNE014-4351] Appointments notification processorStory
[RNE014-4434] Responsible RU notifications improvementsStory
[RNE014-4494] Notification for starting of Path ModificationStory
[RNE014-4495] Include edit rights in the email notificationsStory
[RNE014-4352] Adjust dossier agencies resolutionStory
[RNE014-4372] Adjust dossier agenciesStory
[RNE014-4435] Responsible RU in involved agencies view improvementsStory
[RNE014-4504] Create RU agencies in the administrationStory
[RNE014-4345] Adjust dossier searchStory
[RNE014-4359] Implement WS conversion for transfer edit rights fieldStory
[RNE014-4360] Implement WS conversion for responsible RU agency id fieldStory
[RNE014-4361] Implement WS conversion for responsible RU agenciesStory
[RNE014-4437] Responsible RU WS ACL for transfer edit rightsStory
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Thursday, 9 December, 2021