PCS EC Sprint 63

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 11 December, 2020 - 11:35
Key NoBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3869]Loco type filters cleared after editing loco. The applied filters are cleared after editing a loco. OTRS ticket opened for this issue: https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;Ticke...Bug
[RNE014-3870] Can't remove National Id in Loco type. When trying to remove National Id in previously saved Loco type, an error message received.Bug
[RNE014-3642] Territory check in the Applicant path step of the wizard. Currently, PCS checks if the first origin has departure time and if all the pairs (future territories) have min. 2 locations. Without these pre-conditions, it is not possible to continue to the next step. As part of this change request, we will mark all required fields with a question mark (as applied for other fields in PCS). Please note that from the second territory it is enough to fulfill either the arrival or the departure time of the reference points. 
[RNE014-3888]Arrival and departure time should be marked as a required field when adding a subpath/territory in the existing dossier. Meaning when the user adds a subpath(in 2..n territory) or territory(2..n) in the existing dossier, then arrival and departure time should be marked as required, otherwise only departure time
It works in the following cases:
-Create dossier from the wizard with two territories
-Add the first territory in the existing dossier (only departure time is required)
-Add the last territory in the existing dossier (arrival and departure times are required)
-Add sub-path in the first territory (only departure time is required)
-Add sub-path in the last territory (arrival and departure time are required)
-Add sub-path with Pap in the first territory (only departure time is required)
-Add sub-path with Pap in the last territory (arrival and departure time are required)
-Add user variant (it is used the same logic as in 1) case) 
[RNE014-3600]Implemented Loco type WS operations according to the migration guide.Story
[RNE014-3639]Autosuggestion for free text IM parameters. Meaning the autosuggestion option enabled only for the string type national IM parameters.Story
[RNE014-3856]Edit/delete comments: users can edit the comment only if the user is the creator. When a comment is deleted, the space of the comment will be kept, with a message that the comment was removed. This action won't be supported via web-services.Story
[RNE014-3891]Change label for bulk sub-path deletion: in the CR ID 48 the "Delete more sub-paths in one step": when the user clicks the red bin icon, the text should be: "Select sub-path(s) to delete"Story
[RNE014-3016]Add/Delete button with no options should not be shown: Add button with an empty dropdown is shown when there are no options available in the partner territory. Rearrange all actions in the geography view. Improvement
Taken in Patch Release
Wednesday, 9 December, 2020