PCS EC Sprint 61

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 9 October, 2020 - 09:39
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3773] Activity types - adjust ActivityTypeModelStory
[RNE014-3774] ActivityTypes - activity_type DB changesStory
[RNE014-3775] Activity types - create ActivityType presentation modelStory
[RNE014-3777] Activity types - adjust TrainParameters presentation modelStory
[RNE014-3778] Activity types - adjust ReferenceDataContainerStory
[RNE014-3786] Delete sub-paths' option is not shown right away: After adding new sub-paths, the option is not immediately visible in the delete dropdown. After refreshing the page it appears.Bug
[RNE014-3787] Fix translated messagesStory
[RNE014-3805] Fix e2e testsStory
[RNE014-3601] Change Loco type structure to be inline with TAFStory
[RNE014-3631] Delete more SPs in one stepStory
[RNE014-3704] Figma and Pattern library improvementsImplementation
[RNE014-3752] Activity types - front-end moduleStory
[RNE014-3753] Activity types - viewStory
[RNE014-3758] Activity types - edit periodStory
[RNE014-3759] Activity types - handlers and resolversStory
[RNE014-3768] Loco type structure - adjust the loco type in administrationStory
[RNE014-3769] Loco type structure - common train parametersStory
[RNE014-3785] Check for Agency when copying Activity TypesStory
[RNE014-3796] Bulk deletion of sub-paths with PaPsStory
[RNE014-3797] Loco types changesStory
[RNE014-3798] Adjust single and multiple select componentsStory
[RNE014-3803] Error in compare - Dossier 222814Bug
[RNE014-3804] Problem with read/unread markBug
[RNE014-3808] Clear selected value in the single select componentStory
[RNE014-3812] RNE account - error - no detailsBug
[RNE014-3790] Parameters search component - refactorStory
Taken in Patch Release
Tuesday, 6 October, 2020