PCS EC Sprint 59

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 31 July, 2020 - 10:01
KeyBrief DescriptionIssue type
RNE014-3697C-OSS acceptance indicator bug fixes:
- RFC can set back its light to yellow
- When the dossier goes to PE or PP, PCS automatically sets its light to blue
RNE014-3699Limited quantity indicator bug fixes in the parameter changes view 
 Mediation protocol view for special user role is available in PCS and below developments done: 
RNE014-3685WS Administration - Mediation Protocol search (frontend)Story
RNE014-3686Ws Administration - Mediation Protocol request/response view (frontend)Story
RNE014-3700Mediation Protocol improvements Story
RNE014-3689Create dossier web service is extended with ad-hoc pre-accepted and rolling planning process types:
In create a dossier request if the user provide process_type_id in dossier_data and that process type is available in selectable process types for given TTP, this process type will be set as process type of the dossier.

RNE014-3701Remove Subpath operation implementedStory
RNE014-3702TSI path variant ID improvements:
- RNE company code as company code when PCS is generating TSI Path ID
- Core element should be the ID of the sub-path
RNE014-3706Agency notification / Get dossier - train id structure bug fixes
Due to the recent PA/PM implementation, something went wrong with the Train ID generation in the notifiyDossier request. This issue has been fixed now


Taken in Patch Release
Thursday, 30 July, 2020