PCS EC Sprint 41

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 11 December, 2019 - 14:03
Key      Brief descriptionIssue type
RNE014-3119    Select location width in train composition Improvement
RNE014-3198    [UX] Cross-browser style issuesBug
RNE014-3210    Dump from prod to pcstest3 for passenger RU trainingStory
RNE014-3224    [Dev] Revise ACL rules for involved COSS agencies in Catalogue dossiers Bug
RNE014-3226    [Dev] PA/PM process in EC Structure - placeholder Story
RNE014-3227    [UX] PA/PM Process in EC Structure - placeholderStory
RNE014-3228    [Dev] RE: PDF Export Story
RNE014-3231    [Dev] Start Path Modification process - backendStory
RNE014-3232    [Dev] Start Path Modification process - frontend Story
RNE014-3233    [Dev] Implement Condition for new sub-paths with validity period in the past         Story
RNE014-3234    [Dev] Restore the calendar from origin sub-pathsStory
RNE014-3235    [Dev] PA/PM Timetable view Story
RNE014-3236    [Dev] Adjust ACL rules for PA/PM process Story
RNE014-3237    [Dev] Start Path Alteration process - backendStory
RNE014-3238    [Dev] Start Path Alteration process - frontendStory
RNE014-3239    [Dev] PA/PM WorkflowStory
RNE014-3240    [Dev] Mark pair as affected from controlStory
RNE014-3241    [Dev] Mark neighbors as affectedStory
RNE014-3242    [UX] Start of PA/PM ProcessStory
RNE014-3243    [UX] PA/PM Process IconsStory
RNE014-3244    [UX] RE: PDF Export Story
RNE014-3245  Switch view in path variants not workingBug
RNE014-3246 [Dev] Carry forward of path section IM Parameters Bug
RNE014-3247 [Dev] Adding new sub-path copies train parameters shifted by one path-sectionBug
RNE014-3248 [Dev] Editing of basic data and agencies is not allowed after promotion Bug
RNE014-3249[Dev] PA/PM - Editing of Calendar  Story
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Friday, 29 November, 2019