PCS EC Sprint 40

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 11 December, 2019 - 13:54
Key      Brief descriptionIssue type
RNE014-2532    [Dev] Traffic period selection     Story
RNE014-2537    [Dev] Traffic periods      Story
RNE014-2578 [Dev] Filters reorder      Story
RNE014-2594    [UX] Administration - Traffic periods       Story
RNE014-2747    [Dev] Show RUs when copying train parameters in wizards         Bug
RNE014-2749    [Dev] Confirmation dialog for delete all dossier drafts action        Bug
RNE014-3047[Dev] Grid selection - all pages/only this page     Story
RNE014-3124    [Dev] New user variant with existing sections      Improvement
RNE014-3132RE for Path Modification & Path Alteration Process       Story
RNE014-3159    [Dev] Edit user label      Story
RNE014-3165    [Dev] Create TT2021 on all systems      Story
RNE014-3196[Dev] Menu items counters - dossier viewsStory
RNE014-3197    [Dev] Grid component - setting column width Story
RNE014-3200    [Dev] Flex PaP - PaP constraints issues Bug
RNE014-3209    [Dev] Feasibility study - do not clear times  Story
RNE014-3211   Open TTP 2021 in prodStory
RNE014-3213    [UX] Path Modification & Path Alteration ProcessStory
RNE014-3215[Dev] Resolvers And Handlers For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3216[Dev] View For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3217[Dev] Edit View For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3218[UX] Confirmation dialog for delete all dossier drafts actionBug
RNE014-3221[Dev] Wrong subpath number in path variants after sub-path is deletedBug
RNE014-3225[Dev] Update of agency parameters with more than 1000 valid valuesBug
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Friday, 15 November, 2019