PCS EC Sprint 38

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 22 October, 2019 - 14:26

 Jira No                  Brief description

RNE014-2545    [Dev] User profile and personal settings    
RNE014-3060    [Dev] New subpath with an empty calendar cannot be edited    
RNE014-3063    [Dev] Basic data does not show up for catalog dossiers    
RNE014-3079    [Dev] IM Parameters - Default parameter not taken into account    
RNE014-3108    [Dev] Deleting common train params values   
RNE014-3112    [Dev] Validation of Applicant path in the wizard (min 2 path sections per territory)    
RNE014-3128    Copy inverse issue in train composition    
RNE014-3142    [UX] Grid styling issues    Improvement    
RNE014-3153    Path variants are not loading for the carry-forwarded dossier    
RNE014-3160    [UX] Copy dossier styling issues    
RNE014-3163    [Dev] When adding territory in the sub-paths step, dossier level parameters are lost.    
RNE014-3164    [Dev] The system allows having duplicate consecutive territories    
RNE014-3166    [Dev] IM parameters copy to next TTP issues    
RNE014-3167    [Dev] Path variants not calculated correctly in Dossier wizard    
RNE014-3169    [Dev] Sub-path changes are not updated    
RNE014-3170    [Dev] Dossier level parameters are lost after adding user variant in the wizard   
RNE014-3171    [Dev] Path variants are not calculated correctly when adding user variant with paps    
RNE014-3187    [Dev] Cannot apply calendar in the wizard when new territory is added    
RNE014-3192    [Dev] Improve grid performances    

Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Monday, 21 October, 2019