Version 2.6.0 Changes



2020.09.17 - PCS EC version 2.6.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  • Check post-processing to final offer and final offer to active timetable
  • Incorrect TSI variant id 
  • GetSupportedDossierProcessTypesMatrixRequest returns empty response
  • Territory calendar
  • Adjust the subject of all dossier-related mails
  • Permanent options during the editing
  • Add PaPs from more PaP Ids to a dossier at the same time
  • Adjust the naming of the exported PDF file
  • Size of timetable fields
  • Adjust Last Change Date grid column to include the time of change also
  • Create components library
  • Agency Data - back-end
  • Agency Data view
  • Add/Edit Agency Data

For a further detailed description please visit PCS EC Sprint 60 notes.