Version 2.48.2 Changes


2022.11.24. - PCS EC version 2.48.2 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test4




Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-5044]Carry forward - prevent dossier creation before the start of dossier creation date: The following dossiers were forwarded to 2024: 250559, 250560, and 250561 by agency NS International. NS International confirmed it was due to testing purposes and we can delete them on production. Future creation of the dossiers through Carry Forward feature before the start of the dossier creation date will no longer be possible. Bug
[RNE014-5051]Web services - missing agency notifications: Fix sending of the agency notifications for withdrawal / rejection cases from PA / PM. As affected by process should be set process initiator too. Deskero tickets:


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