Version 2.47.0 Changes


2022.10.28. - PCS EC version 2.47.0 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test4.



Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4973] IM parameters - use grid for parameters overview page: show IM parameters in a grid overview.  The grid has added header column customization. Users can change the standard header width and/or move them to the desired position by changing the order of the headers. Users can filter in all columns except "Train type". The "Parameter name" column has been expanded with a sorting option.Story
[RNE014-4977]IM parameters - introduce the form in add/edit pages: the editing and creating of the parameters window is no longer a pop-up window it opens in a new formStory
[RNE014-4978] IM parameters - introduce the details in the preview pageStory
[RNE014-4972]IM parameters - extend the grid with 'common parameter dependency' columnStory
[RNE014-4976]IM parameters - support for mandatory/nested condition at the same time: before it was impossible to set both options simultaneously on the GUI. Deskero ticket:
[RNE014-4975]IM parameters - support multiple values for the mandatory except / nested conditional IM parameter: mandatory exception can be set on multiple values of the single choice IM parameterStory
[RNE014-4988] IM parameters - usage of mandatory except / nested conditions with multiple values: nested condition can be set on multiple values of the level 1 single choice IM parameter and can now also be mandatory (previously it could only be optional) Story


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