Version 2.46.0 Changes


2022.10.28. - PCS EC version 2.46.0 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test.



Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4959]PA/PM Adjust "working copy for" logic: this information is used to identify the original subpath in the PM/PA processes if the alteration or the modification is submitted. In PCS on the database level to store this information, two new fields were introduced and called: "working copy " and "working copy for". If the original subpath is copied the "working copy "  flag is set to true and "working copy for" stores the original PCS PATH ID where it was copied from. If the altered/modified timetable is accepted and the dossier returns back to the Active timetable these values will be deleted from the database.Story
[RNE014-4960]PA/PM - Adjust working in WS: adjusted the "working copy for" logic for web service users and the "pa_pm_data" element.Story
[RNE014-4961]PA/PM - Migration task for the dossiers that are already in the processStory


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