Version 2.45.0 Changes


2022.10.20. - PCS EC version 2.45.0 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test.



Key No.Brief Description
[RNE014-4682]FTE CR 63 - Relocation of fields "activity type" and "location type" to timetable data: moving the activity type and location type from the train parameters to the path section level. With the relocation of the fields the timetable view is changed on the territories tab: 
1. Territories applicant -IM pairs presentation: 
     a. The destination is moved under the origin
     b. The calendar tooltip is moved under the validity period
2. Operation point presentation: bigger blue bold fonts
3. Calendar is moved to the left sidebar
4. "Copy Activity / Location type" button is available next to the "Edit train parameters" button
5. Create New Dossier Wizard: the responsible applicant and IM fields are relocated under the "Activity Type" and "Location Type" fields along with the "Details" field
6. Removing path section: when removing the path section the borders are highlighted
7. "Copy sub-path" option: the "Activity type" and "Location type" fields are removed from the "Copy sub-path" option
9. Path variants/user variants: The "Copy" button is placed next to "Edit train parameters" to enable copy of the train parameters and Activity/Location types across the variants
[RNE014-4989]Missing PCS agency notifications for PA start


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