Version 2.28.0 Changes


2022.01.24 - PCS EC version 2.28.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4570]Template manager - parameter set code template DB changesStory
[RNE014-4571]Template manager - parameter set code template prepare info for edit/delete accessStory
[RNE014-4572]Template manager - parameter set code template view detailsStory
[RNE014-4573]Template manager - parameter set code template add/edit viewStory
[RNE014-4574]Template manager - train parameters template info edit/delete accessStory
[RNE014-4575]Template manager - train parameters template view detailsStory
[RNE014-4576]Template manager - train parameters template add/edit view. Template manager is now available to the users under "Administration", available to users depending on the agency type:
- Applicants – Train parameters
- C-OSS – Parameter set codes
- IMs – Train parameters & Parameter set codes
[RNE014-4577]Alternative origin/destination button:
[RNE014-4579]The default value of the traction mode when using PaP. If the Traction mode is defined in the PaP, then this value should be shown. If the Traction mode is not defined in the PaP, then we should show the default value (1 1). The CR link:
[RNE014-4521]Remove "milestone" phases from the Advance search & Bulk promotion field “Phase”:
[RNE014-4313]Use 'Edit' link instead of 'Edit' button in the gridStory
[RNE014-4599]Check translations for workflow conditionsStory
[RNE014-4591] RFC2 (SNCF) PaP import failed. Deskero ticket:
[RNE014-4590]The same notification is sent twice when the agency is involved in more than one territoryStory
[RNE014-4552]PCS font - Some letters (Slavic) are shown in bold. Deskero ticket:
[RNE014-4564]Use correct dossier version when calculating the number of entries in dossier segmentsStory
[RNE014-4608]Resolve origin subpaths on sub path reorder in PA/PM. Deskero ticket:


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