Version 2.21.0 Changes



2021.06.09 - PCS EC version 2.21.0was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


           Issue type   Key No.               Brief Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Story            [RNE014-3954]    Hide closed dossiers from pre-defined filters:                             
  2. Story            [RNE014-4149]    Adapt dossier times and calendar: Deskero ticket #1834/2021 (
  3. Story            [RNE014-4196]    Send mail when the dossier is closed        
  4. Story            [RNE014-4197]    Rename reject button in Pre-booking: the reject dossier button in Pre-booking should be called "Reject" or "Back to Harmonization" for COSS users
  5. Story            [RNE014-4198]    Check dossier promotion options in bulk edit view
  6. Story            [RNE014-4202]    Improve user settings view - back-end       
  7. Story            [RNE014-4203]    Improve user settings view - front-end  
  8. Story            [RNE014-4204]    Improve user settings view          

(There are no PCS EC Sprint created for this release notes.)