Version 2.20.1 Changes



2021.06.03 - PCS EC version 2.20.1 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  1. Bug [RNE014-4208] - Fix duplicate calendar items: prevent the creation of duplicate calendar items when bulk pdf export is performed.
  2. Bug [RNE014-4209] - Fix header of compare territory calendar view: fix missing agency types buttons in the header of compare territory calendar view.
  3. Bug [RNE014-4210] - Re-harmonize the partially harmonized dossier if the process type is NPR or TTR NPR: when the transition happens from PathElaboration to DraftTimetable re-harmonization should happen if
    • the dossier is of NPR or TTR NPR process type
    • the last IM Draft offer submitted date is before or on the day of the Draft Offer deadline
    • partially harmonized dossier

(There are no PCS EC Sprint created for this release notes.)