Version 2.1.6 Changes



2020.05.20 - PCS EC version 2.1.6 was deployed on production, test1, test3, and test4.


  • Master data Operation points related Get operations
  • Promotions - search model
  • UI/UX Improvements: reorder My dashboard menu items, change the order of the buttons below the subpath selection and add left padding in train composition view
  • Path variant running on last day of TTP - calendar watermark is empty 
  • Ticket link:;Ticke..."
  • Handling of TSI Variant in Train Id: The problem here is that we have the TSI Variant field in the dossier model and we don't have it in DB. Also, we show wrong information on UI (always 00 - default value). And the reason for 302 is that when we resolve the TSI Variant in the domain model, we always set the default (00) value, and in the web services, we set the value from the first sub-path. And when the first sub-path has TSI Variant that is different from 00, the change will be detected and if the user doesn't have permission do does that change, 302 is returned. To resolve this issue we can set the default value for TSI Variant in web services as well. We shouldn't show the TSI Variant on the front-end in basic data for the existing dossier. Also, we have to remove the TSI Variant field from the dossier domain model. Ticket link:;Ticke...
  • IM receive mail notifications for Closed dossiers from Open/Harmonization

(PCS EC Sprint 54)