Version 2.1.5 Changes



2020.05.01 - PCS EC version 2.1.5 was deployed on production, test1, test3, and test4.


  • Parameters in error messages not replaced
  • Advanced search - check participants field
  • Pap request details - missing checkbox
  • Train parameters change for dossier archives
  • The Path Variant has conflicts is always visible
  •  False notification for downgrade of accep. indicators due to a border change
  • Tailor-made status changes for incorrect pap requests
  • Send notifications for calendar inconsistencies only in case of accep. indicators downgrade
  • Sent mails asynchronous
  • Agencies reload admin options
  • PDF Export - Participating agencies
  • PDF Export - Common train parameters
  • PDF Export - Path section IM parameters
  • PDF Export - improvements

(PCS EC Sprint 53)