Version 2.14.0 Changes





2021.02.25 - PCS EC version 2.14.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  • [RNE014-3914]     Notification about rejection in path elaboration. Involved Applicants (all) shall receive a mail notification when a dossier gets a red light from an IM or a C-OSS in Pre-booking, Path Request, Path Elaboration, or Post-Processing, or it has been rejected by either the leading IM or the C-OSS. C-OSS shall receive a mail notification when a dossier gets a red light from an IM in Path Elaboration or Post-Processing phase.   
  • [RNE014-3959]    Add scroll bars per section on the screen. We will adjust the layout as follows:
    • At the beginning when the Timetable page is open, there will be one main scroll that will start moving the whole page down;
    • Once the dossier name, outline, and labels are scrolled out, these two sections get in sticky (fix) position:
      • 1. Dossier views (left menu, sticky for all dossier sections)
      •  2. Territories with sub-paths
    •  The Timetable section (parameters or calendar) continues to be scrollable with the third (main) scroll.

          The scrolls for all three sections will appear only if their length doesn’t fit in the window. These changes will be applied also to Calendar and Path variant views.    

  • [RNE014-3996]     Create a dossier wizard (Applicant Path) - validate a number of path sections in the territory. Show validation error in case of not enough path sections in the territory in Applicant Path step in dossier wizard/pap selection wizard.


[RNE014-4016]    Check dossier with authorization error. When combined pap action is triggered, PCS should not remove sub-paths that were with an empty calendar. ( In production, dossier id: 232983)   
[RNE014-4018]    Parameter changes for the multi-selection list   
[RNE014-4033]    IM timetable of catalog dossier fails   
[RNE014-4036]    Limit the calendar tooltip width    
[RNE014-4037]    Copy train parameters checkboxes are broken. Fix the checkboxes in the copy train parameters destination step.   

(There are no PCS EC Sprint release notes created  for this reales notes.)