Version 2.13.0 Changes



2021.02.10 - PCS EC version 2.13.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  • Adjust timetable period model (X-4.75 and X-6). Define new TTP milestones: X-4.75, X-6, X-1 and rename X-4 milestone to X-3.5
  • Define TTR NPR process type. Basic information: code: T, description: TTR New Path Request. A new process type is available for RU-IM pair based dossiers (it should behave on the same way as NPR)
  • Add TTR NPR for selection in dossier wizard. TTR NPR should be available for selection when the creation of the NPR dossier is enabled (default value: NPR)
  • Define transition configuration for TTR NPR. Define workflow transitions for TTR NPR.
  •  Define workflow path configuration for TTR NPR. Define the workflow path for the TTR New Path Request
  • Define promotions for TTR NPR. Define Deadline, Daily, and Time-limit promotions for TTR NPR
  • Predefined deadline filters for TTR NPR. Define deadline filters for deadlines defined for TTR NPR
  • Define ACL for TTR NPR. Define ACL rules for TTR NPR.
  • Login error messages not translated. When 'username' and 'password' fields are validated on the login page correct 'This field is required' message will be shown.
  • The cancel option from the User Variant wizard goes back to the 'Path Variants' view.
  •  PDF Export - sub-paths with an empty calendar. PDF is generated when the dossier contains a sub-path with an empty calendar.
  •  The clear grid in advanced-search onDestroy lifecycle hook. Search results are cleared when the user leaves the page.
  • Add PaP in the existing sub-path. The user should not be able to change the location of the used published PaP. Show origin and destination of the used PaP in the PaP info header in edit sub-path view. RU/IM should be able to remove the protected border from the used published PaP.
  • The user is able to go to the next step in the wizard only if the previous is completed. In the 'Add Territory' and 'User Variant' wizard the user will be able to continue to the next step only if the previous is completed.
  • Save IM parameters as a template. In the train parameter template in the IM Parameter section, we should save the dossier level and path section level. Based on the reported ticket:
  • Revisit the usage of agency group. Remove the deprecated agency group entity.
  • Indication of mandatory and required fields. Mark all required fields with red "", and all mandatory fields with yellow "".
  • Rename operational IM to owner IM. Rename Operational IM to Owner IM everywhere in PCS.