Version 2.12.0 Changes



2021.01.27 - PCS EC version 2.12.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  • Using of UIC-Master Data for selection of RUs, IMs (name and RICS-Code). Everywhere in pcs where the list of agencies is shown, make sure that the user is able to search by multiple properties.
  • Select partial harmonization criteria from the advanced search. When the user goes to advanced search make sure that the 'Partial Harmonization' option is visible in the dossier types list.
  • Pre-fetch activity types. Always show the activity types in the list instead of searching when typing.
  • Fix typo on the bulk editing page. Fix the typo in the dossier promotion option "Wihdraw Pap".
  • Navigation from "Parameter changes" to "Standard view" in Path Variants view is broken. Fix navigation from "Parameters Changes" mode to "Standard View" mode in Path Variants view
  • Validation is not triggered when reset pre-calculation is applied. Trigger validation in train-parameters when a value is manually changed.
  • On add new user predefined filters are created instead of using filters. When new user is created we should assign already existing predefined filters to them, not to create new ones.

(PCS EC Sprint 66 release notes created)