Version 2.1.0 Changes



    2020-04-06 PCS EC version 2.1.0 was deployed on production, test1,  test3, and test4.



    • PaP Search
    • Copy sub-path with PaPs
    • PAMT Search
    • PAMT Report
    • Support for PaP Catalogs intended for New Path Requests
    • Remove capacity for PaPs intended for New Path Requests at X-7.5
    • IM Editing of reserved capacity
    • RU should be able to see COSS Timetable in Alternative offer
    • COSS Predefined filters


    • Change EU link on the login screen
    • Dashboard columns: dossier type and process type
    • Conflict resolution view is broken
    • Dossier reserve alternative
    • Reserve alternative - capacity usage
    • Reserve Alternative search after X-7.5
    • Wrong path section calendars in pap request details view
    • Path variants in conflict view cannot be selected
    • Hide mark selected PaP requests button when no privileges
    • Wrong calendar color of PaP request in conflict
    • ACL for PaP requests are not applied in Conflicts view
    • Buttons "Complete Tailor-Made" and "Mark Selected as" are shown in Alternative Offer Created status
    • Adjust ACL rules for comparison in Alternative Offer for RU user
    • Selected validity period is reset
    • Sub-Path edit from Path Variants view is broken
    • The comparison works only for the first territory
    • Add sub-path from sub-path with PaP produces an error
    • Cannot add new path section as a destination
    • ACL rule of edit sub-path in Path Variants view
    • Reset progress status to Untouched when changing responsible RU/IM
    • TSI Variant - Assign valid TSI Variant for an invalid one
    • WS - Update dossier - 501