Version 2.0.6 Changes



2019-11-01 PCS EC version 2.0.6 was deployed on production, test1, test2, test3, and test4.


  • Hide Path Variants tab for Catalogue dossiers
  • ACL issues for train composition
  • Carry forward not showing IM parameters step in some cases
  • Label improvements
  • Mandatory parameters style issue in read-only
  • Browser back navigation issues in the dossier view
  • Acceptance indicator authorization error in the Acceptance phase
  • Train cc system is duplicated on the preview
  • You cannot update the multi-select parameter 
  • When removing a condition-dependent parameter only the parent parameter is removed
  • PaP - Change catalog dossier type on path section level
  • Missing ACL rules when new path section is added
  • Common mandatory parameters
  • PaP selection wizard - delete dossier draft after creation
  • Manage filters visibility and email subscriptions
  • Dashboard view - mark as reading/unread option
  • Delete user filters
  • Delete user label
  • Labels share option
  • Manual capacity returning RFC7
  • Operation points update

(PCS EC Sprint 39)