Version 2.0.10 Changes



2019-11-29 PCS EC version deployment in PCS production, PCS Test, PCS Test 3


  • Cross-browser style issues
  • Revise ACL rules for involved COSS agencies in Catalogue dossiers
  • Start Path Modification process - backend
  • Start Path Modification process - frontend
  • Start Path Alteration process - backend
  • Start Path Alteration process - frontend
  • Start of PA/PM Process
  • Implement Condition for new sub-paths with validity period in the past
  • Restore the calendar from origin sub-paths
  • PA/PM Timetable view
  • Adjust ACL rules for PA/PM process
  • PA/PM Workflow
  • Mark pair as affected from control
  • Mark neighbors as affected
  • PA/PM Process Icons
  • Select location width in train composition

(PCS EC Sprint 41)