PCS EC Test Half-day meeting July 2019

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Indicating concerning which feature you found the issue
Adding the Dossier ID will help us to better identify the issues you may find
Please introduce the company name you are using when you find the issue (This company doesn't have to be your own one)

Please add below the Blocking type you have found

"Blocking point type" (description)

  • Promotion: dossier promotion is not possible, even if the acceptance indicators's status are correct, or the dossier promotion could be possible, even if the agencies and acceptance indicators are not correct.
  • Save: it is not possible to save the changes in the dossier, timetable, calendar, parameters
  • Edit: it is not possible to edit the dossier, timetable, calendar, parameters when it should be possible.
  • Find/Search: it is not possible to find a dossier
  • PCS Failure - incorrect data: PCS creates a mistake in a dossier, for example it generates a wrong offset in case of midnight crossing
  • Other: Non of the above categories. 
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