TAF/TAP TSI change requests submitted by the sector, processed by SMO

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SMO ID ERA ID Title Purpose Originator Company Last change date () Last Event Sector only SMO status JSG Status ERA status Release version Status New comments
Update "BitmapDays" in the TCRMessage with BitmapWeek type - referenced only to RoughDates
Error in xsd concerning element ReasonOfReference
Enlargement of TrainCompositionMessage with Container Information
Add new TrainActivityType Codes for through coach with passengers (attach/detach)
Creation of the message ILUDataMessage in ERA-TD-105 (TAF data model)
Renaming the process types "Pre-arranged Path published by RFC" and "Catalogue Path published by IM"
Explanations to simplify the text on CI in revised TAF TSI
Move CoordinatingIM and AdministrativeContatInformation elements to the TCRType structure of the TCRMessage
New attribute “BogieWagonsOnly” in structure PlannedTrainTechnicalData
New attribute “Operational strength of the train coupling” in structure PlannedTrainTechnicalData
Creation of the message ILUDataQueryMessage in ERA-TD-105 (TAF data model)
Remove TrainJourneyModificationMessage from the schema
Change the annotation of PassengerTrainCompositionProcessMessage
New chapter 4 on ILU Reference Database in ERA-TD-103 (Reference Files)
Addition of element ReasonOfReference to ops messages and code for traffic management
Creation of "TrainNotReadyDescription" to give reason why train is not ready in "TrainReadyMessage" (TRM)
Update annotation for ScheduledTimeAtHandover and ScheduledTimeAtTransfer
New Message PathOptimisationMessage for Path Optimisation Process
Update of the CR 238 (CouplingType code list) to include the code ‘DAC Ready’
New message for creation of the Capacity Models