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Establish IM parameters

This document will introduce the IM parameters. Generally, Applicants only need to fill common parameters, but one dossier can contain national IM dossier level parameters and path section parameters too. These IM parameters are established by each IM. In PCS click on the top to "Administration" menu, "IM parameters" where all predefined IM parameters listed for the selected timetable period: 

IM parameters for IMs 

Certain IMs don’t have specific IM parameters, but they can set up new parameters according to their business needs till the final major release (usually between the first and third Monday in November). Once a parameter is defined it always will apply for the next timetable period. Continue with how to create new IM agency parameter:


  • Timetable period: not editable, generated by the system 
  • Parameter name: name of the parameter 
  • Parameter type: for the selected parameter type the appropriate fields are displayed 
    • String: text field 
    • Single choice list  
    • Multiple choice list 
    • Number: limit the number format and add min. – max. values 
    • Date 
    • Time 
    • Datetime 

           The system will assist to fill in the parts that are not filled. If the single or the multi-choice list selected, then an extra field appears, and IM can define default values. 

  • Description: should add an explanation for the parameter. Please use the English language to make it possible to understand the purpose of the parameter for foreign Applicants too. The description of the parameter appears later on the GUI as a tooltip. 
  • Dossier level: It means the Applicant doesn't need to enter it for all operation point, it is enough to enter it only once on the dossier level. 
    • Dossier level 
    • Path section level appears by default 
  • Visibility: generally, every IM parameter and its value visible for all participants in the dossier. However, an IM can set the parameter to hidden and, in this case, it will be visible only for his Applicant pair. 
    • Visible  
    • Hidden (default) 
  • Mandatory: IM can define a parameter to be mandatory, except another parameter has been fulfilled by the Applicant. 
    • Mandatory 
      • Mandatory exception (needs to fill If 'Mandatory" is selected) 
    • Optional (default) 
  • Nested Conditional: This is the case for a field that is presented to the Applicant only in the case another field has to fill in. This field, therefore, depends on the existence of another field.  
    • Enable – if this radio button is clicked  
      • IM Parameters  
      • Train Type  
        • Passenger/Cargo 
    • Disable (default)  

Once the parameter is defined and all required information filled the system will offer “Copy to next timetable period”. 

Common mandatory parameters

Since version IMs have the opportunity that the optional common parameters can be set to mandatory. Go to "Administration" menu, "Common Mandatory Parameters":

IMs can define different parameter settings for passenger and for freight trains too by selecting the train type. The train attributes aren’t editable (weight, length, max speed.) then the changes can be applied to those fields where an Asterix symbol (*) appears. Please note that the parameter itself cannot be removed only the optional/mandatory status can be changed. 

Colour coding 

  • Blue: it means that currently, the parameter is optional for that train type 
  • Brown: it means that currently, the parameter is mandatory for that train type 

To choose between the color, click on the Asterix (*) symbol. Finally, when all information entered then need to Save to complete the configuration. 

Please note that at the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side it looks like that one label is missing, but originally labeled as Braking Ration/Weight above the last field. One field is Braking Ration and next is Braking Weight.  

Applicants: Working with IM parameters

Applicants are able to check which IM parameter is defined by which agency. Go to the "Administration" menu. "IM parameters": 

RU view of IM parameters by agency

The above screenshot shows that already filtered out for ADIF agency. Click triangle symbol in the first column then the system provides a detailed description of each parameter.  

To see IM parameter in the dossier you need to choose a dossier > Applicant Timetable > Choose a path section > and there the IM parameters will appear. 

IM parameters in the dossier