Editing Train Parameters


Before filling the train parameters please make sure to read the reference document of the various fields and their functionality. 

During the new dossier creation process, users have the opportunity to add the train parameters to the dossier, but this step can be skipped. If the mandatory fields aren’t filled in the dossier, inside the Applicant timetable area, the user gets warnings that there are mandatory fields missing and you need to enter before proceeding further:


To add the train attributes such as train weight, length, and max. speed click on "Edit train parameters" in any of the Applicant sections. It opens a new window where you need to fill the mandatory fields as shown in the print screen below. Mandatory fields are marked with the Asterisk (*) symbols: 

Mandatory common train parameters

When fields are successfully filled then the Asterix (*) symbol turns into a green pipe, informing the user that the entered values are correct.  

In case of more existing sub-paths in a territory, the system will offer to copy over the train parameters into the other sub-paths sections too. Otherwise, a green message appears to confirm the successful operation. 

On the left bottom of the screen, there are two additional options are available:

  • Copy parameters
  • Save as new template

Copy Parameters

"Copy parameters to": copy parameters to selected path section/s as shown on the screenshot below by “select all”, "select only my path section" or selecting individually and tick the chosen checkbox/es. To complete copying click to "Apply to selected path sections" which will be available after selecting one path section. 

There are more available copy options: 

  • Common train parameters 
    • Activity types 
    • Locations 
  • IM parameters: if more then one IM agency involved then these parameters unable to copy between different IM agencies because these parameters are established by each IM according to their business needs. For further information please visit Working with IM parameters document. 


Save as a new template

The entered common train parameters can be saved from the path section as a new template. Name the template in "Template name" field and tick the checkbox next to "Common train parameters" then after the click to "Save selected as a new template".  

Save as a new template

Once the template has been created then it will be available on Applicant Timetable on the top and always associated with the IM agency who is in pair with the Applicant. Click on "Copy from template": 

copy from template

First, need to select the IM agency by ticking the checkbox and after selecting the required template from "Choose template" drop-down menu. Finally, the template selected then click the button "Copy to template" to finish copying, see screenshot below: