Search for Products


The search for Products functionality is offered in the system in a different area than a quick and advanced search. 

In order to search for PreArranged Paths and Catalogue PaPs ("RNE Corridor Catalogue Paths" and "Other Catalogue Paths"), the users must click "Pre-Arranged Products" button in the main menu and click "Search for PaPs" in the submenu. See below picture:

The following search criteria are available in the system: 

  • Timetable period*
  • Type of pre-constructed product*
    • Other catalogue paths (CPs)
    • RNE corridor catalogue paths (CPs)
    • RFC pre-arranged paths (PaPs)
  • Train Type
    • Passenger 
    • Cargo
  • Catalogue Path Number
  • PaP ID

Timetable period is the only mandatory field to perform a search according to the exact PaP ID or an entire specific phrase. For example, if you don't remember for the whole PaP ID phrase and you want to find out the PaPs which contains this specific phrase. As usual, you type the entire phrase in the PaP ID search box, but the search result displays all PaPs which meet the properties that contain just one letter or more in the phrase. So you have to spend time to find the PaPs up among the list.

You can apply an exact search to filter the PaPs which you need. In this article, we will show you a trick for searching PaPs which contain the entire specific phrase. After using this method, you will get your ideal PaPs immediately while searching.

If you don't know any entire specific or exact phrase then possible to perform a search according to the "Direction", "RFC corridor" or based on more criteria, click on "More" to find out more. The precondition is to enable search button that you must select the Type of pre-constructed product first! Please note that blue bubbles with a number indicate the number of items selected as search criteria on the multi-selection drop-down list. 

In the above example, we are searching for PaPs based on the direction, the corridor and wight of carriages set equal or below 2000. The table displays the list of PaPs are suitable for our search criteria. If the displayed search result is "huge" we can use more filters to narrow down the search criteria based on origin and destination. Once a filter is applied using the "Clear" filter to redisplay all of the data again.


In the search criteria result table, some columns are sortable in ascending/descending order.

Finally, before adding a pre-constructed product to a new dossier, clicking in the dossier link, a new tab opens up with extended information about the dossier. Check the below snapshot to see an example:

After revising the details of the dossier the tab can be safely closed. The user can then select the dossier or dossiers he needs. The button "Add selected to new dossier" becomes available. In the case the user is adding the PaP to a dossier the button will be "Add to dossier".

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