Parameter set codes


Parameter set codes serve for C-OSSs and IMs. These pre-defined sets are used in the pre-constructed products like Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) and Catalogue Paths (CT) registered in the system.  It is possible to select and use these parameters in the timetable and easy to prepare when importing (PaPs).  

These Parameter set codes are available in the "Administration", "Template manager" menu, where PCS displays already defined parameters sets for the particular selected timetable period. By default, the current timetable period appears. C-OSS/IM users can edit/modify anytime the already registered parameter set codes. When adding a new parameter set code then need to click to "+ Add template" button and must fill the required template form: 

  • Parameter set code: name the parameter 
  • IM agency appears by default (creator IM/C-OSS) 
  • Train type: define train type (passenger or cargo) 
  • Define corridor type (PaP or CP) 

After keep continue to fill the common train parameters, this activity is introduced earlier in "Editing train parameter" and more information is available in "Mandatory Train parameters" documents. 

Note: it is recommended to enter as much information as possible including some parameter information such as carriages attributes (weight, length), container profile and minimum braked weight claimed by IM. 

To modify a parameter sets then select an already registered parameter with ticking the checkbox and click "Edit" which appears at the bottom right corner of the list.  

To "Delete" or "Copy to next timetable period" IMs/C-OSS must select a parameter sets the same way as mentioned above after the button will be visible to proceed further with the required action.