Phase Path Modification Conference



  • This is the first phase of the path modification process.
  • Originator Applicant starts creating the modification request on the current existing agreed dossier by submitting a path modification conference from the Active timetable phase.
  • From Active Timetable, any Applicants involved in the dossier can enter this phase as Originator.

Possible Transitions

Transition list

  • Path Modification Conference -> Path Modification Request
    • Who:
      • Originator Applicant
        • Restrictions: All involved Applicants lights must be green
  • Path Modification Conference -> Active Timetable
    • Who:
      • Leading Applicant
        • Restrictions: None


  • C-OSS
    • Read-only access
  • Leading Applicant
    • Withdraw Path Modification
    • Switch to Adjustment
    • Submit Path Modification request
    • Write access
  • Applicants
    • Write access
  • Leading IM
    • Read-only access
  • IMs
    • Read-only access


  • The modification requirements should be defined by all Applicants who are affected by the modification. 
  • The system helps with this part with a path modification conference wizard