Phase Active Timetable



  • This is the final phase of the path request.
  • The dossier contains the agreed valid state of the path for a particular timetable period.


Possible transitions diagram from active timetable in New Path Request Process

Transition list

  • Active Timetable -> Path Modification
    • Who: Any Applicant
    • Restrictions: None
  • Active Timetable -> Path Alteration
    • Who: Any IM
    • Restrictions: None
  • Active Timetable -> Closed
    • Who:
      • Leading Applicant or Leading IM
        • Restrictions: Only possible after the timetable period starts
      • PCS system (Automatic promotion)
        • Restrictions: After two calendar years after the timetable year of the dossier
        • The dossier is in Active Timetable


  • Read-only access for all participants


  • Each Applicant (IM) can start path modification (alteration) process by submitting a path modification (alteration) conference if some modification (adjustment) is needed.
  • When the timetable period of path expires, dossier should be deactivated into the phase Closed by leading Applicant or leading IM.